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Sales Discovery Process: What To Ask On A Call? By Greg Van Wyk

Sales Discovery Process

In order to have a successful sales discovery call, you need to ask the right questions. This process can be difficult and time-consuming, but it’s important, as per Greg Van Wyk, to get an understanding of what your potential customer is looking for. Here are some tips on what to ask during a sales discovery call.

Greg Van Wyk on The Sales Discovery Process

When conducting a sales call, it is important, according to Greg Van Wyk, to ask the right questions in order to gain an understanding of the customer’s needs and interests. The Sales Discovery Process involves asking targeted questions that identify areas of need and opportunity for the customer.

Questions should be tailored to each customer, as different customers may have different needs and expectations. However, some common topics that should be discussed on every sales call include budget limits, timeline requirements, decision-makers involved in purchase decisions, competitive landscape (what products or services they are already using), feature requirements (which features are most important?), desired outcomes (how will this product/service help them achieve their goals?) and satisfaction levels (are they satisfied with current offerings?). Asking these types of questions will allow the sales rep to gain an understanding of their customer’s situation and needs, enabling them to make a tailored pitch.

Once the basic information has been gathered, it is important for the sales rep to ask questions about the customer’s decision-making process. This can include topics such as how they evaluate solutions, what criteria they use when making decisions, and who makes those decisions. Asking these types of questions allows the sales rep to get an idea of what will be required in order to close a sale.

At this point, it is also helpful for the sales rep to ask questions related to current issues or pain points that their product/service would address. Questions should be asked in terms of desired outcomes, such as ‘how will this help you achieve your goals?’. Additionally, asking questions about the customer’s past experiences with similar products/services may be insightful.

Finally, the sales rep should discuss pricing and payment options. It is important to ask questions related to budget limits or preferred payment options in order to determine whether the customer can afford your product/service as well as what type of payment they are most comfortable with. Once these topics have been discussed, the sales rep, as per Greg Van Wyk, should confirm that they have answered all of the customer’s questions and summarize any key points that were made throughout the call.

Greg Van Wyk’s Concluding Thoughts

According to Greg Van Wyk, by using a targeted approach to Sales Discovery Process on each call, reps can gain an understanding of their customer’s specific needs and interests. Doing so will enable them to make an effective pitch, which increases the chances of closing a sale.

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