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Greg Van Wyk – What Is A Trademark?


Do you own or operate a business? If so, then chances are that you already know the power of trademarks. From iconic logos like Coca-Cola and McDonald‘s to special phrases like “Just Do It” or “Got Milk?,” these unique identifiers have one purpose: they distinguish your brand from others. But what exactly is a trademark, and how do you go about acquiring one for your business? Here, Greg Van Wyk discusses trademark basics – from definition to registration – so that you can better understand this important asset within the context of intellectual property law.

What Is A Trademark? Greg Van Wyk Explains

According to Greg Van Wyk, a trademark is an important intellectual property asset that helps protect a business from competitors who may seek to use the same or similar branding elements. It can identify a company’s products and services, helping customers know what they are getting when they buy them. A trademark is traditionally a name, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these elements used to distinguish your goods and services from those sold by other companies.

Trademarks come in many forms, including word marks (e.g., McDonald’s), logo marks (e.g., Nike swoosh), sound marks (e.g., MGM lion roar), and even movement or color marks (e.g., Coca-Cola red). In the United States, trademarks are granted through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) after an examination process. Once registered, a trademark can last indefinitely as long as it is used in commerce and renewed every ten years.

Trademarks are powerful tools for businesses to protect their brand from competitors who could otherwise use similar branding elements to gain an unfair advantage. According to the USPTO, there are currently over 2.1 million active trademarks and more than 500,000 applications pending review. Additionally, research from Statista shows that consistent and effective branding has long-term benefits; 70% of consumers recognize logos without needing additional explanation or reminder.

For example, consider Apple Inc., one of the most famous brands in the world. Apple has registered numerous trademarks throughout the years and uses them to protect its brand, and its products from competitors, including the iconic bitten apple logo and the “Think Different” slogan. As a result, customers can easily identify Apple products in stores or online without needing to read any additional text or logos.

Trademarks, as per Greg Van Wyk, are important tools for businesses looking to create strong brands that stand out in an increasingly competitive market. By registering trademarks with the USPTO, companies can ensure they have exclusive rights over their branding elements and prevent competitors from taking advantage of them. Furthermore, successful trademark registration can help companies establish trust among existing customers as well as attract potential new ones by helping them quickly identify who made a product or service. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to understand and protect their trademarks.

Greg Van Wyk’s Concluding Thoughts

Overall, trademarks are crucial components of any successful business. They help customers easily identify a brand’s products or services and distinguish them from competitors’ offerings. When registered properly through the USPTO, trademarks can last indefinitely, giving companies a legal basis to protect their brands from infringement. Additionally, statistics show that having consistent branding significantly increases customer recognition which in turn leads to increased sales and profit margins over time. According to Greg Van Wyk, companies should take the time to learn more about trademark registration and how it can benefit their business for years to come.