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5 Reasons You Should Give to Charity by Greg Van Wyk


Charity is very important, not just for the society you live in, but also for yourself. When you give charity, you help those in dire need, and you also feel great on the inside, knowing that you played a part in making the world a much better place to be in. To know more about why you should give to charity, keep reading!

Why Should You Give to Charity by Greg Van Wyk

Here are a few reasons that Greg Van Wyk gives, that explain why you should give to charity.

1.     To Help the Underprivileged

There are so many underprivileged people in the world that we live in. There are so many people who struggle when trying to meet the basic needs of food and shelter. When you give to charity, you help those in need. Greg Van Wyk says that when you help those struggling, you get a sense of inner satisfaction knowing that you did what you could. Whatever little it may be, every little step that you take counts.

2.     To Promote Feelings of Happiness

When you give to charity, you feel great about yourself, knowing that you did something great. It gives you a great feeling to know that you are a good person by giving back to the society you hail from. Inner satisfaction takes work. But giving to charity helps make it a win-win situation where you help those in deed and feel great inside.

3.     To Help Reduce Poverty

Poverty still remains one of the biggest problems in the world. There are so many people in the world living below the poverty line. If everyone plays a small part in trying to eradicate poverty or lessen it to some extent, then imagine the massive difference that can make in overall poverty levels in the world. Greg Van Wyk says that as responsible citizens of this world, we should try to reduce poverty as much as we can because of how important this is for the world.

4.     To Express Gratitude

When you give to charity, you acknowledge that you are so blessed in life. You acknowledge that God has given you a lot that you have to be thankful for. By giving to charity, you essentially understand your privileged position, being thankful for it, and then playing your part in making a difference as well. So this is something very important that everyone must understand.

5.     To Help Kids Learn the Importance of Giving

Children learn most things from what they see their elders do. When they see their elders give to charity, they realize how important charity is and how they should also follow in their footsteps. This can help them learn the importance of giving too, which ultimately helps make the world a great place.

Final Words by Greg Van Wyk

Now that you know why giving to charity is important, why don’t you start today? Make every little step count. Greg Van Wyk says that every step, no matter how small, helps make a massive difference! So start now to play your part in improving the world.